Changing times

Unusual crime in Golden calls into question how safe small towns really are anymore.

Growing up in a small town you have a certain innocence about where you live and what can happen to you. When I was a child my parents were never worried about where we would go during the day, and never locked the door. Of course, like many places, it only took one act to change all of that.

For the most part Golden is a safe place to live, and has been that way for quite some time. This explains why people still leave their cars unlocked even though after the number of break-ins to vehicles, they really should not. It is not too often when doing police reports that you run into stories that do not involve minor disturbances, a drunken fight or the occasional house break in.

This week however, when the story broke about an armed robbery that according to many people I have talked to, is unlike anything from recent memory.

Golden is not high on the list for armed robberies though sadly it has just joined the long list where these types of incidents happen.

Even though no one was hurt in the robbery, the effects can take away one of the best things about living in a small town.

It is the feeling that everyone is your neighbour and the level of trust that can exists and may not be found in larger centers.

It should not be a shock to anyone that an incident like this could happen in Golden as it is a progression which had to come to the area eventually.

Big cities and small towns are equally vulnerable to the list of cowards who make the decision that armed robberies are the best way to fund their so called lives.

The concern over who they hurt, either physically or mentally, with their actions is not a concern to those who run into the robbery game.

Violence has sadly become a way of the world we are living in. Golden is situated along one of the busiest highways in Canada, and this only increases the chances that someone from outside the area will take advantage of opportunities the town offers.

This is not to say that the men involved in this local robbery were from out of town because they could also be locals as well.

The truth is you just don’t know anymore, and it is too bad that society has reached a point where you do not get out of your car without locking the door, or making sure all of the multiple locks on your doors and security codes are punched in whenever you leave your house.

So this week a small part of the innocence may have been taken away from some of the people in Golden, but in the end it is still a place where people come as an escape from many of the issues larger centres deal with on a daily basis.

Even though you have to lock your doors on your car, in the end we have seen many instances where people have come together to support people in tough times.