Bridge to bridge questions

A local resident questions reports about the proposed Bridge to Bridge project.

Bridge to bridge

Where is it that we live again? I am confused after the report written in last week’s paper about the Bridge to Bridge project. Since when do the people not have a say?

I do not question that repairs need to be made to the existing dyke along the Kicking Horse River to satisfy the government’s need to protect us in the event of a one in 200 year possibility of flooding on the north side of Golden. Offer us some options.

Flooding could happen and it would be inconvenient but the business owners along the dyke are insured for such an event. So why are we being taxed to protect privately owned commercial property on the north side of town?

When I contacted the Ministry of Transportation about their role in the project, I was told that they have not been consulted and that yes they have either a rehab or replacement of the bridge on the books. So what happens to the B2B project if the new bridge is relocated upriver even 200 feet?

As a property owner on the dyke, who stands to gain substantially from higher property values as a result of the project Caleb Moss should recuse himself. And yet I’m told that there is no conflict of interest because the project is for the greater good. Seriously?

Who will maintain the path in winter and at what cost? Where will the business owners who presently park in the back alley park? If this project was so important why isn’t it a part to the regular infrastructure work undertaken by the Town?

Colleen Palumbo

Golden, BC