Bad Timing

The timing of an upcoming power outage is questioned.

A scheduled power outage is one thing but a four-hour power outage during the busiest tourist time of the year, on a SUNDAY is absolutely outrageous. I understand that there is work that needs to be completed and this is fine, but maybe not during peak check-out times when people need to pay and places like ours need to be doing laundry! We happen to have a wedding that weekend and there is no way for us to finish all the laundry in time for the next guests to arrive.

This means we will be short beds for the next night. Who is going to compensate us for that? This is very poor planning on BC Hydro’s part and I am shocked that a town which depends so heavily on tourism in the summer would allow something like this to happen. I realize we are all very lucky to have electricity and it is not difficult to live without it for a while – but how do you explain that to our guests? What about gas stations? And all the other businesses that depend on electricity to run their business? Too bad for all of us? I guess so.

Stefanie Chomiak