Air Quality in Golden

Osoyoos resident who regularly travels to Golden has ended up in the ER with asthma attacks.

Thank- you for the educational interesting article “Air Quality Group starts Door to Door Program.”

I live in Osoyoos, and come regularly to Golden to visit.  However, being an environmentally controlled asthmatic, having only had 2 attacks in 8 years, I have ended up in ER and the Medical Clinic in Golden due to your air quality.

It definitely is a deterrent to relocate here or stay for extended periods in winter months.  Being a small town in a valley without much, if any, wind, the haze is seen hanging below the clouds, and it stinks!

At first I thought it was from your mill, however, not so.  The vehicle gets a layer of soot on it regularly, and the soot noted indoors on the furniture and flooring definitely is from wood burning particles.  The wood burning is detrimental to the environment and health, whether one has already established respiratory problems or not.  It would be interesting to research the statistics of respiratory problems in the elderly, and more important, the respiratory competencies of the youth in Golden.  There must be stricter bylaws regarding wood burning stoves, types of wood that can be burned, and mandatory inspection of chimneys.  In provinces such as Saskatchewan the fire department does regular checks of chimneys, and has the authority to ‘shut down’ non-environmentally burners and safety hazards.  This is prudent to do for health and safety issues.  I commend your efforts in your program!

Barb Roth