Affordable energy

Opinions on clean energy

Dear Editor:

A lot of places in the world, including my home country of Greece, would give their eye teeth to have the affordable clean energy resources we have here in B.C., particularly our hydroelectric dams which were built in past decades.  Many of these other places are reliant on coal or nuclear energy for their electricity, and on expensive fuels to heat their homes in winter, and they face difficult challenges moving forward if they hope to keep their economies strong and vibrant and their environments clean and safe.

People in these other places would be particularly envious of the proposed Site C dam project which, because of where it’s located in relation to the two other dams on the Peace River, will be able to generate almost 35 percent of the energy produced by the larger Bennett Dam but with only five percent of the reservoir area.

Looking at it another way, it would be like the Bennett dam producing as much electricity as it currently produces but with a reservoir about 15 percent its current size.  We are so fortunate to be living in this incredible province.


Eugenia Nikolaidis, Vancouver, BC