Access denied

Access to wheelchair accessible transportation in Golden questioned.

Dear Mr. Norm MacDonald,

It has recently come to my attention through the December 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes of the Henry Durand Manor, that Golden, B.C. residents do not have access to Wheelchair Accessible Transportation.

While no longer a resident, I am highly passionate about the community that the majority of my family still calls home.

This service is crucial for appointments and social outings of Durand Manor residents as well as other mobility challenged residents of Golden.

My grandmother, Alice Milum, for example, is physically unable to go to the bank, to the post office, to complete a simple change of address.

I find it an absolute travesty that in a rural community such as this, where the population continues to age and our young people (such as myself), continue to leave – that we have failed to provide adequate transportation opportunities for our elderly.


Jessie Jones

Airdrie AB (formerly Golden)