A questionable idea

In response to “Minor Hockey’s Big Idea,” by Mike Palumbo.

In response to “Minor Hockey’s Big Idea,” by Mike Palumbo.

Yes, the Horseshoe Club is finished, for now anyway. But the grounds are still being used by individuals who like the game, and is especially used by the tourists from the camp grounds, and for travellers to sit under the trees and have their lunch, and take a break.

We were always proud when travellers would stop in and say, ‘what a beautiful place.’ It was made that way by dedicated members of the Horseshoe club, who put in years of hard labour to clear all the brush, and haul it away in our pickups, and fill the holes for levelling.

We met with Town Council in 1991 to see what they thought of our idea for a Horseshoe Club, myself, Lyle Cutler, and Bill Wright, “The Bandit.” His Worship Fred Demmon was mayor, and councillors Stan Lim, Roy Nixon, Miriam Elkington, and the others have escaped my memory. The answer was unanimous, to go ahead, as long as we saved as many trees as possible, try to make it as a park setting, and keep the grounds clean at all times and appealing to the eye from the street.

We did that for 19 years. Your idea might be a good one Mike, but to do away with the tourist park and cut all the trees down is wrong. Put it somewhere else.


Russell Elliott

Golden, B.C.