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A good time had by all

It was a weekend of fun and a whole lot of great music in Golden.

When I moved to Golden a few months back I would not have thought I would get the chance to kick off another year in the way I did on Saturday night.

Many times I have explained to friends  that you never know what is going to happen next in a town like this and once again my point was proven this week.

The celebrations at the Civic Centre never ended to blow me away with a fantastic selection of musicians both local and those who came in to perform.

I was asked many times on New Years Eve if I had ever left the building and I did however it was one of those times when your job truly is not like work at all.

You have to appreciate the amount of work that not only went into the building but also that went into five days where everyone and anyone had the chance to pop into the centre and enjoy the sights and sounds.

I had the chance to drop by many of the events and talk to the people about the history of the building and memories from the past.

People told me about being kids and playing at the civic centre.

They shared memories of weddings and dances. Stories were told about meeting the person they would eventually share their lives with.

There were also a few good jokes shared and many people who just wandered about looking at a piece of the future for the town. And then there was the music.

Anyone who had questions about the sound quality of the new centre were all answered on the grand opening night.

The amount of talented people who live in this area is mind blowing.

The bands played a little bit of every type of music imaginable,  poetry was read and any party where you get the chance to hear Journey played by a cellist and pianist can’t  be a bad one. Then  the jam session.

The ease in which the musicians, who were in town to play the shows, make such great music  is awe inspiring to say the least. At times I found myself behind the curtain forgetting they were just playing for a bit of fun.

Then the children of Golden had their turn in the new building. They played and rolled, watched in wonder and were given the chance to have their own version of what a blast into a new year is like.

Finally the grand show on December 31 was set to go.  Residents hit the dance floor right from the get go and people danced and sang their way into a countdown.

Horns were honked and people were kissed. Well wishes were made and everyone in attendance wished anyone in ear shot a happy new year.

Strolling home in the cold much later than I had intended I thought to myself that it was a pretty good way to start another year.

It also has to be said that the people who all gathered to make the dream of the Civic Centre come true had every reason to be proud of their accomplishments.

It is always amazing to see what people can do when they set their minds to something.

I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings and in the case of the new building, I am sure there will be many great memories yet to come.