A dog’s life

The difference between a muzzle and a head collar is explained.

“Its a Halti, a head collar, you now like horses wear” is a phrase that I am frequently saying when I’m out for walks with my dogs!

All four of my dogs wear head collars and a lot of people mistake them for muzzles.

You often see people taking a wide berth around my dog’s, (much to my dogs disgust as they love attention) and I’ve even had one person stop in their car and tell me I shouldn’t be walking dangerous dogs.

The head collar is a simple device that fits over the dog’s muzzle and it gives the owner more control over the dogs, and believe it or not, head collars are far more humane than a choke chain.

Dogs wearing these can still carry balls and toys, drink, eat and pant. A lot of my dog training clients are now using head collars and are also getting the same reaction from the public.

This is just a quick letter explaining what they are and please don’t be scared of us, we’re just good dog’s owners trying to control our dogs.

The photo is of my dog Bodi wearing his Halti head collar, as you can see its not a muzzle as his mouth is wide open showing his big smile!

Lisa Harvey

Rocky Mountain Bed-n- Biscuit