A call for truth

I am compelled to write regarding the latest story where Liberal MLA hopeful for Columbia Revelstoke has taken some liberty with the truth.

Once again I am compelled to write regarding the latest story where the BC Liberal MLA hopeful for Columbia Revelstoke has taken some liberty with the truth.

The faux scandal he and Mr. Bill Bennett (Kootenay East MLA) are touting about the NDP party financing is a non-story.

The account they refer to as being a “plot” was actually set up and administered by the former Legislative Controller, Dan Arbic.

The Auditor General flagged it as a problem in his DRAFT report.

That is what the two Liberals (one prospective candidate, and one MLA) are waving around madly, trying to get some traction.

The Auditor General asked that the account be dismantled and the monies returned to the constituency offices.

The Auditor General was satisfied and completed his FINAL report, with no mention of the issue.

With regards to the Ethnic Outreach issue, Mr. Doug Clovechok states that, “in his opinion,” the Premier ordered an independent investigation.

Hardly independent, John Dyble is head of the Public Service and could only investigate public service employees.

He had no access to the Liberal caucus or the BC Liberal Party members. Gordon Hogg, head of the Liberal caucus investigated but now tells us he won’t release the findings, due to legal reasons. The “investigation” was a whitewash.

And his assertion that no MLA was implicated in this sordid deal is patently false.

The MLA for Richmond, and Minister of Multiculturalism, John Yap, stepped down but claimed his innocence.

We now know that, not only did he know about the plan, he was actively implementing it.

Hiring a private contractor, being paid with taxpayer money, and no contract was even signed. Mr. Clovechok, and the BC Liberals, have a problem with the truth.

Steve Mitchell

Moberly, B.C.