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NOTICE: Amalgamation of Timbercreaft Contraction Ltd. and Alternative Forest Operations Ltd.


TAKE NOTICE THAT: An application will be made to the Registrar of Companies for the amalgamation of Timbercraft Contracting Ltd. and Alternative Forest Operations Ltd. (the “Amalgamating Companies”) to continue as Timbercraft Contracting Ltd. (the “Amalgamated Company”).

Johanne Kemmler and Siegfried Kemmler, the directors of the Amalgamating Companies, believe, and have reasonable grounds for believing, that the Amalgamated Company will not be insolvent when the amalgamation takes effect.

Any Creditor of the Amalgamating Companies who objects to the amalgamation must provide a written notice of objection to the Amalgamating Companies c/o Breakwater Law, 1177 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3L1 within 15 days after this publication of this notice.