Women’s Centre gets new start

Nikken Inc. awards Women's Resource Centre

The Golden Women’s Resource Centre and Safe Home was recently selected for an important package.

After Nikken Inc., an international wellness company, announced a new program known as the Wellness Home Initiative, the Women’s Centre was nominated to receive a package.

The Wellness Home Initiative, which was designed to donate charitable organizations with Nikken products, is donating a free Wellness Home to a family in need for every 100 Nikken purchases “that qualify as a Wellness Home Start,” their website, www.nikken.com, says.

A recent press release stated that the package “features Nikken products designed to afford a home’s residents better sleep, more healthy air and water, a natural approach to nutrition and regular exersise.”

Linley McLean, Golden Women’s Resource Centre Executive Director said that “women who stay in the safe home are in crisis and will truly benefit from these wellness products.”

Nikken is an internationally recognized company and has been considered a leader in the field of wellness for 35 years.

Nikken aims to improve the quality of life of people with the use of their products which combine nature, science and advanced technology.

A Wellness Home is a home with an environment that allows its residents to live a healthy life. Nikken hopes to establish more than one million Wellness Homes by their 40th anniversary which will take place in 2015.