Invasive plants pose a dangerous threat to local ecosystems, according to Wildsight Golden. 

Invasive plants pose a dangerous threat to local ecosystems, according to Wildsight Golden. (Contributed)

Wildsight Golden targets invasive plants

Invasive plants can harm local ecosystems, according to Wildsight

Wildsight Golden is taking action against invasive plants, hosting two community weed pull events along an event table at the Golden Farmers’ Market every third week until the end of July.

The event table will be organized by the Community Invasive Plan Program (CIPP) coordinator Evelyn Morett, who will provide the public with information on invasive plants and offer a free invasive plan survey conducted on private land within the Town of Golden.

Morett will also continue to run a “What’s in My Backyard” series, where community residents can send a photo of a weed to to learn more to better understand and identify invasive plants on their properties.

The two community weed pull events take place Saturday, June 26, and Sunday, July 25, with more details to come.

“These family-friendly events are an excellent opportunity to learn about invasive plants and eradicate invasive plants from our community,” said Wildsight in a statement.

Invasive species have been taking root in our community and pose a threat to local biodiversity and ecosystems, which is why Wildsight Golden initiated the Community Invasive Plant Program (CIPP) in 2010. Since 2010, Wildsight Golden – in collaboration with the Town of Golden and the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society – has been removing invasive plants and raising awareness about invasive species identification and management.

Invasive species threaten the environment, economy and society as they continue to spread at an alarming rate, according to Wildsight.

Wildsight states invasive species are the second largest cause of extinction for plants and animals globally. Across Canada, invasive species cost Canadians billions of dollars in losses in fisheries, forestry and agriculture.

On a local level, invasive species pose a serious threat to our region’s biodiversity. Invasive species can devastate local ecosystems because they compete with – and sometimes kill – native species.

People are often the primary vector of spread of invasive plants and have the power to mitigate the harmful effects of invasive species, which is why Wildsight is encouraging the public to take action to prevent the spread of invasive species in Golden.