Wildsight Golden launches No Mow May

Wildsight is encouraging people to let dandelions and clovers grow to help pollinators

Bees are important pollinators to a thriving ecosystem. (Illana Grostern phot)

Bees are important pollinators to a thriving ecosystem. (Illana Grostern phot)

Wildsight Golden is encouraging locals to let their lawns go natural this spring for No Mow May in a campaign to help boost pollinator populations such as bees and butterflies.

Wildsight is asking people to let their dandelions, clovers and other early wildflowers bloom to help feed pollinators and help them to get by until the summer perennials start to bloom.

Letting lawns go natural will help create diverse ecosystems for these pollinators to grow.

Bees and butterflies are two of many small creatures that pollinate plants and sustain our ecosystems by helping plants reproduce.

These small critters, travel from plant to plant carrying pollen on their bodies assisting with the reproduction of plants. Without these critical interactions, the world loses availability and diversity of fresh produce and human nutrition would suffer.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, three out of four crops that produce fruits or seeds that human use for food depend on pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Improving pollinator density and diversity boosts crop yields – pollinators affect 35 percent of global agricultural land, supporting the production of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide.

But pollinators are under threat, with pollution, the misuse of chemicals, the changes in climatic patterns, loss of habitat, and disease contributing to their decline. Pollinators are an important part of a health ecosystem and their decline is a matter that should concern all, according to Wildsight.

Those who wish to show their support for the campaign can download a poster or create their own to hang in their window.

More information and the downloadable poster are available on Wildsight Golden’s website, under the event, No Mow May. https://wildsight.ca/events/no-mow-may/

For more information, please contact golden@wildsight.ca