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What’s next for the Golden Museum?

THe future plans for the Golden Museum were talked about at the latest Town of Golden council meeting

It was a time to look to the future at the regular council meeting for the town of Golden held on Jan 10. The evening started with a presentation from Executive Director of The Golden Museum, Colleen Palumbo, who gave council an update on last year while also talking to the councillors about what is coming up for the facility.

She explained museums are evolving from not just being a place where a collection is put on display but also a place where people need to be able to find accurate information online as well.

Palumbo went on to explain some of the possible ideas which could help increase attendance at the museum. One potential way to bring more people to the facility would involve making it more of a destination museum. Palumbo said that some museums use their unique status as a way to promote themselves to a wider audience.

Four examples of how this could be done in Golden were by completing projects based on different aspects of the town. The four possible ideas brought up at the meeting were the Swiss guides, the Robert Baird treasure, the Donald cemetery or the Columbia River lumber company.

In the end Palumbo said the goal of the museum is to get to the place where the public wants it to be. To do this she was putting forth as part of the new year budget to hire on another staff member. No decision was made at the meeting on the request for the new staff request.


Possible work on 13th Street crossing

In a memorandum to council, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) gave notice of its intention to “improve the vehicle driving surface on the 13th  Street rail crossing in 2012.”

Details are currently limited about when this process may start as it involves funds from both CPR and the Town of Golden.