Environment Canada issued an updated long-term forecast on Feb. 1. (Contributed)

Environment Canada issued an updated long-term forecast on Feb. 1. (Contributed)

Warm weather approaches, cold spring forecast: Environment Canada

It’s going to be a chilly spring

Environment Canada is predicting a near normal spring, with a chance for cooler temperatures than normal, in their probablistic forecast.

The forecast, which was issued on Feb. 1, show the probabilities for the below, near or above normal for February, March and April.

Most of Western Canada will be looking at a colder than average spring, a shift from what the forecast was looking like even just a month ago. However, don’t expect more deep Arctic air that was seen at the beginning of February, with temperatures expected to hover just below the freezing point.

This means that spring may be delayed, but expect things to get warmer over the coming weeks, just at a slower pace than usual.

The predictions are based on a collection of forecasts from atmosphere-ocean-land climate models developed by the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis and Numerical Research Division.

The Precipitation Determinist Forecast, which sets out to predict if the precipitioon between now and April will be at normal, below normal or above normal levels, is forecasting higher than usual precipitation across Canada as we head into spring.

Over the next week in Golden, temperatures are forecasted to hover around the freezing point in town, dipping as low as -10C at night and rising to as high as +2C by midday, on average.

A mix of rain and snow is in the forecast most days in the coming week, after a dump of snow early in the week brought a winter weather alert for the region.

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