Vehicle incident in town. (Claire Palmer photo)

UPDATE: 4 people in hospital with minor injuries after vehicle incident on 10th Ave S in Golden

The road is now cleared

The road has cleared after a vehicle incident at the crosswalk on 11 St S had northbound lanes closed earlier this afternoon.

RCMP confirmed that four people from one of the vehicles are in local hospital with minor injuries, while the passengers in a second vehicle left the scene with no injuries.

Ambulance, fire and the RCMP all responded to the scene.

According to Fire Chief Mike Pecora, one of the vehicles was wedged underneath a transport truck. He says that speed may have played a factor, as well as lane changes.

Golden Fire Rescue had to help extricate at least one person using a winch on the fire truck to help dislodge the two vehicles.

The front end of both cars were ripped off, resulting in a ‘toxic soup’ of oil, fuel and other fluids, which was cleaned up using an absorbent.

The truck was parked at the light when the incident occurred, says Pecora.

Police are reminding drivers to practice defensive driving while highway traffic from the Trans-Canada is re-routed through town due to the ongoing closure.

“Things are going to be hectic the next little while, so be extra cautious when driving and don’t expect people to give way to you,” said Cst./Gend. Kat Robinson of the Golden/Field RCMP.

“Always be a defensive driver and be sure it’s clear before you go.”

“Locals are aware of being a defensive driver and taking the long way around,” said Pecora.

“Don’t try to cross the highway, stay away from it if you can, it’s dangerous.”

Pecora stated that he doesn’t believe that the Ministry of Transportation (MOTI) was adequately prepared for the highway closure, resulting in incidents such as this along the detour from the Trans-Canada.

The Golden Star has reached out to MOTI for comment.

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