Vandals scratched a tag into the freshly painted door of Apostoles Greek Restaurant

Vandals scratched a tag into the freshly painted door of Apostoles Greek Restaurant

Vandals hit Golden business

In the middle of upgrading the appearance of the building, Apostoles Greek Restaurant was vandalized.

If you’ve driven down 10th Avenue South lately, you’ve probably noticed that one of Golden’s most popular restaurants, Apostoles Greek Restaurant, has been upgrading its outer appearance.

Well the vandals noticed too.

“We are trying to do our share of beautification of Golden,” said Cathy Tsantilas who owns the restaurant with her husband Nico. “We haven’t even finished, or paid for anything, and this is what has already happened.”

For two weeks now, Apostoles has been going through some renovations, including a bright new paint job. And one morning when Tsantilas was working on the building, she noticed that the back door (on 9th Street South), had already been tagged.

“The town is frustrated right now, trying to find a way to beautify the community on the tax payers money. I’m doing this on personal money,” she said, adding that the paint job on the exterior of the building alone is costing them close to $10,000.

“This is huge money we’re putting into this. And stuff like this (vandalism), comes out of your own pocket.”

This is the first time the restaurant has ever experienced vandalism. But the town has seen a slight increase in these types of crimes over the past month.

In a press release issued on April 24, after a weekend with a number of mischief complaints, the Golden RCMP said that the  detachment is starting to see an increase in mischief to property, theft and break and enter occurrences in the Golden area due to the warmer weather.

That weekend alone the RCMP responded to complaints of graffiti, vehicles with broken windows, vehicles that were keyed, and broken windows on various properties.

The most common break and enter/theft occurring in the Golden area is the result of unlocked buildings or vehicles. Anyone with information about the vandalism on Apostoles Restaurant, or any similar incidents call call the Golden/Field RCMP Detachment at 344-2221.