The alley along the river (behind the businesses on 9th Avenue North)

The alley along the river (behind the businesses on 9th Avenue North)

UPDATED: Town upgrades flood watch to HIGH STREAMFLOW ADVISORY

A high streamflow advisory and a flood watch for the Columbia region including the Kicking Horse River remain in effect.

After announcing a flood watch yesterday (June 6), The Town of Golden and the CSRD have increased the threat level for flooding.

The Town of Golden administers a comprehensive emergency management program in partnership with CSRD Electoral Area A and is constantly monitoring all hazards that may affect our communities.

At the time of this notice (June 7), a high streamflow advisory and a flood watch for the Columbia region, including the Kicking Horse River, remain in effect.

This advisory comes as a result of heavy rainfalls in the region over June 5 and 6.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been brought to Response Activation Level 2, which means the situation can be managed with the site provided limited support. Earlier this morning it has only been brought to Response Level 1.

The Kicking Horse River Gauge at the Highway 95 Bridge rose to the 85 foot level at 4:30 a.m. MDT, where it presently remains. This height brought the level to within one foot of the dyke-top in a 50 metre section backing onto several Historical Downtown businesses (400 Block of 9th Avenue North).

The situation remains stable. The integrity of the dyke is unchanged.

However, the the following precautionary actions have been ordered in the dyke section of interest:

-The area has been closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic

-The closure will be enforced by personnel on site and property owners in the vicinity will be personally advised of the situation by Town staff

-The water-inflatable duke protection bladder will be deployed and anchored in place

The variables in the situation remain weather conditions and the freezing level in the mountains between Field, and Golden as they both define the flow and level of the Kicking Horse River at Golden. These variables are favourable at present.

The Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC) in Nelson and the Provincial Emergency Co-ordination Centre (PECC) in Victoria are both at appropriate Response Activation Levels. Each is available to provide any necessary support, including timely and detailed meteorological products.

The public will be informed of the situation by all available means.

The next updates will be provided at noon MDT, or immediately if the threat changes.

Usual definitions for reference in case of flooding:

A High Streamflow Advisory means that river levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly, but that no major flooding is expected. Minor flooding in low-lying areas is possible.

A Flood Watch means that river levels are rising and will approach or may exceed bankfull. Flooding in areas adjacent to affected rivers may occur.

A Flood Warning means that river levels have exceeded bankful or will exceed bankfull imminently, and that flooding of areas adjacent to the rivers affected will result.