UPDATED: RCMP Report – Vehicles hit animals and firewood

Golden RCMP have been kept busy with a variety of incidents near Highway 1, and Peoples Drug Mart robbers appeared in court.

Drug store robbery

Two suspects responsible for the robbery at Peoples Drug Mart, reported in last week’s police report, have been identified as Lucas Holman, 28, ad Travis Hutzul, 32, of Penticton.

The pair robbed the Golden pharmacy at knifepoint on Feb. 16, after having done the same at the Princeton Shoppers Drug Mart on Jan. 30.

They were apprehended without incident in a mobile home just outside Golden on Feb. 22.

Holman and Hutzul appeared in court in Invermere on Feb. 27, each charged with two counts of robbery. Holman was remanded into custody until March 12, while Hutzul pleaded guilty to both counts, and received a sentence of one year in custody per count.

Drivers suspended

2013-02-24 and 25

Police suspended the driving privileges of two drivers this week for driving under the influence of alcohol. One received a three day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and the other a 30 day prohibition.

Vehicle struck


A vehicle which had been parked at the Quartz Creek Parking lot was struck by an unknown white vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call the Golden RCMP.

Disturbance stopped


Police responded to a disturbance at the Husky Truck stop. Two semi units had been parked next to each other for a nights rest. The occupants of one unit were watching a movie which was apparently too loud for the occupant next door who was trying to sleep. An argument ensued. Police attended, diffused the situation and had one of the drivers park elsewhere.

Firewood lost on highway


A dump truck hauling firewood lost some of its load on the highway near Quartz Creek. As a result, a passing vehicle struck the wood and damaged the oil pan which resulted in the vehicle requiring a tow into town. The vehicle hauling the wood was located and issued a violation ticket for an insecure load. Police are reminding all drivers that regardless of what they are hauling, be it wood, furniture, recreation vehicles (sleds) or any other item, they are required to ensure the items are secured properly to the vehicle.

Beacon activated


Police responded to a reported SPOT beacon activation near the ice climbs behind the town of Field.  Banff Parks were notified to arrange for the rescue. Contact was made with the climbing party and it was determined one of the climbers had non life threatening injuries. The climbers said they would be able to hike out and self transport themselves for medical attention.

Incidents at Kicking Horse Mountain


Police responded to Kicking Horse Mountain for two separate incidents;

– An out of town guest was walking a dog off leash along the main road when a passing vehicle struck the dog. The dog died from the impact. Police were called as emotions and tempers were raised as a result of the incident. Some staff were able to intervene and diffuse the situation prior to police arriving on scene.

– In the early morning hours, police were called to a disturbance at a vacation rental home. Police found a group of young adults had rented the home for a ski weekend getaway. The group had an argument over the cost of groceries from the weekend resulting in a physical altercation between two of the occupants. Although the home was large enough for all, they agreed that the aggressor would find alternate accommodations for the evening.

Injured deer on highway

Police have been responding to an increased number of injured deer on or near the roadways. The public is reminded that with the melting snow, deer will be more common along the roadway edges. These animals can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Counterfeit bills

Golden Police were notified that counterfeit bills had recently been passed at Lake Louise businesses. Police are reminding businesses to be diligent in examining authenticates of currencies passes. If in doubt, they should decline to accept the bill.