Twenty-five passengers get stuck in overloaded elevator

Approximately 25 people were stuck in an elevator at Palliser Lodge on KHMR after they knowingly overloaded the elevator.

  • Dec. 28, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Overloaded Elevator

The Golden-Field RCMP and BC Ambulance were called to the Palliser Lodge on Kicking Horse Mountain Resort December 20 after it was reported that approximately 25 people were trapped in an elevator. “The group was aware that they had overloaded the elevator to more than three times its capacity, but decided to try using it anyway,” says Cst. Spencer Lainchbury, spokesperson for the Golden-Field RCMP. “The group spent a short time in the elevator before staff from the hotel were able to get them out.” No injuries were reported.

Parking Dispute

Police were called to a condo unit on December 20 to mediate a dispute between neighbors over parking. “This is one of several ongoing issues between the two neighbours,” says Cst. Lainchbury. The two agreed to keep the peace for the time being and no further calls have been received.

Drinking and Driving

A 63 year-old male from Burnaby received a 90 day driving suspension and had his vehicle impounded for 30 days after police received a call on December 20 that the male had been drinking at a local restaurant and was last seen leaving the restaurant getting in to his vehicle. Police were able to locate the vehicle and the male who provided two samples of his breath on two different alcohol screening devices which police allege registered two separate ‘fail’ readings.

Collision in Parking Lot

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed a collision in the Overwaitea parking lot on December 18 contact them after receiving a report of a hit and run. “The collision is believed to have occurred sometime between 6:00 and 9:15 pm, and involved a Kia Soul,” says Cst. Lainchbury. The Golden-Field RCMP can be reached at 250-344-2221 or callers can call anonymously through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Collision with Moose

A 40 year-old male from North Vancouver was lucky to walk away without any reported injuries after his vehicle collided with a moose on Highway 1 approximately 70km’s west of Golden on Christmas Eve. The vehicle sustained significant damaged and is believed to be a total loss.

Scuffle in Parking Lot

Police were called on December 23 after a motorist reported being pushed in the parking lot of a local restaurant just off of Highway 1. “The caller and witnesses indicated that another motorist had pushed the complainant several times,” says Cst. Lainchbury. “An argument is believed to have ensued between the two drivers after the one accused the other of hitting her vehicle with her car door. The suspect then drove off before police could arrive.” Police will be following up with the other driver, believed to be from Revelstoke, to issue her a warning in relation to the incident.

Abandoned Vehicles

Local police have been busy over the past several weeks dealing with several complaints of Abandoned Vehicles. “We would like to remind vehicle owners that they must maintain proper insurance and registration if they are going to leave their vehicles parked on public roadways or parking lots,” says Cst. Lainchbury. “Any vehicle that is reported as abandoned will be flagged by police and may be towed at the owner’s expense after 72 hours.”

Brawl at Bar

The Golden-Field RCMP was called to a local drinking establishment on December 24 after staff reported that there was a fight between a group of patrons. “The call received indicated that there were approximately 15 people involved in a fight,” says Cst. Lainchbury. Police arrived shortly after however all parties involved had separated or departed. No injuries were reported to police as a result of the fight, and police will not be investigating the incident any further.

Christmas Eve Accidents

Local emergency crews including police, fire and ambulance, were busy responding to collisions on Highway 1 on Christmas Eve. A total of five collisions were reported on December 24 and included:

  • –  a collision between two semis on Highway 1, approximately 10 km’s east of Field. BC Ambulance transported a 47 year-old male from Calgary to the Golden & District General Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the collision is still being investigated; however police believe that one of the vehicles crossed over the center line in to oncoming traffic.

  • –  a report of a single vehicle collision on Highway 1 near Quartz Creek. A 41 year-old male from Vancouver was transported to the Golden Hospital to be assessed after reporting that he had rolled his vehicle two times before coming to a stop in the ditch. No charges are expected as a result of the collision.

  • –  a two vehicle collision near the Donald bridge. None of the occupants in either vehicle reported any injuries. Road conditions and speed are believed to be a contributing factor and one driver was issued a Violation Ticket for Speed Relative to Conditions.

  • –  Two separate single vehicle rollovers on Highway 1 approximately 25km’s east of Golden in Yoho National Park. The driver in the first incident was a 47 year-old male and was transported by BC Ambulance to the Golden Hospital for assessment. The second incident occurred in the exact same location just moments after the first incident. The 50 year-old driver from Calgary was also transported to Golden Hospital for assessment.


The Golden-Field RCMP would like to remind residents and visitors to lock up their valuables after seeing an increase in thefts over the past several weeks. “We cannot stress enough the importance of locking up valuables.” says Cst. LAINCHBURY. “This includes items in yards and vehicles.” Police will be looking at implementing a plan to target those who they believe are responsible for a majority of the thefts but are asking everyone to ensure that they are also taking steps to protect themselves from becoming victims of theft.

Thefts this week included:

  • –  a report that sometime during December 19 and December 21, unknown suspects entered a yard just off of 5th Avenue South in Golden, stealing two Stihl chainsaws worth approximately $800.

  • –  a report on December 23 that several jerry cans with gas had been stolen from a number of vehicles that were parked at a local hotel on December 19.

  • –  A report that sometime between midnight and 7:30 am on December 22 a commercial compound on Dejordie Road was broken in to and several items including 60 litres of fuel, a wallet, credit/debit cards and $60 cash was stolen.

  • –  A report on December 25 that sometime between 3:30 and 5:30 pm, someone went in to a vehicle, which was parked at a local grocery store, stealing the vehicles insurance documents.

Anyone with information regarding these or any other thefts are asked to contact the Golden-Field RCMP or Crimestoppers. A reward may be offered for information provided through Crimestoppers that leads to an arrest.

Driving with too many Passengers

A 22 year-old male from Kelowna was issued a Violation Ticket on December 24 after police allege that he was driving with too many passengers contrary to a restriction on his new driver’s license. Police were responding to a complaint alleging that the driver was driving erratically on Highway 1. During the traffic stop the officer noted that the driver was travelling with one too many passengers and a ticket was issued.

Driver hits Barricade

On December 26, the Golden-Field RCMP responded to a report of a single vehicle collision on Highway 1 near the Kicking Horse Rest Area, east of Golden. The driver and only occupant of the vehicle indicated to police that he was travelling westbound when he lost control of the vehicle and struck the cement barricade. No injuries were reported as a result of the collision. The vehicle sustained extensive damage and was towed back to Golden.

Drunk Driving

A 32 year-old male in town from Ontario received a 90 day driving suspension and 30 day vehicle impoundment after police allege he was driving while impaired. “Officers first noticed the vehicle after it allegedly ran a stop sign,” says Cst. Lainchbury. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver provided two samples of his breath in to two separate alcohol screening devices, which both registered a ‘fail’ reading.

Traffic Services

A 32 year-old from Edmonton received two Violation Tickets on December 27 after police allege that during a road check that a vehicle he was driving had illegal after-market lights. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The driver was arrested and the vehicle was searched with a small amount of the drug being seized. The officer also noted that the vehicle had open liquor inside. Charges are not expected in relation to the drugs however the driver was fined for the illegal lights and open liquor.

Police issued two driving suspensions on December 27 during a road check on Parson River Crossing in Parson. During the check the officer formed the suspicion that two drivers had alcohol in their bodies. The first driver, a 35 year-old from Parson, provided two separate breath samples on two separate alcohol screening devices, which both registered a fail. The driver was issued a 90 day suspension from driving and had his vehicle impounded for 30 days. The second driver, a 38 year-old male from Golden, again provided two separate samples of breath in to different alcohol screening devices, both registering a warn reading. The second driver was issued a 3 day driving prohibition and also had his vehicle impounded for 3 days.