Trial rates pass for Golden’s Rec Plex

The Mount 7 Rec Plex, now under the management of the municipality, has new usage rates, which are in line with the previous rates.

With the Town taking over operations of the Mount 7 Rec Plex following the facility’s board’s decision to not renew its operating contract, staff were directed by council last month to explore the parameters of taking over the contract.

At council’s Oct. 7 meeting, Manager of Recreation Services JOrdan Petrovics delivered the staff’s recommendations for a bylaw for the operations ofthe facility.

The rates presented by Petrovics were in line with the previous rates under the Rec Plex’s old operators.

“These rates are intended to be taken as a trial period for about a year’s time so as staff we have the ability to get to understand the users of the facility,” said Petrovics.

However, some small changes were introduced as part of the recommendation for council, including pre-payment of fees for users of the facility, cancellation and “trading time” clauses, and some changes to the definition of the damage deposit.

Under the proposed bylaw, the Town will also have the ability to relocate overlapped bookings to its other owned and operated facilities.

Petrovics also said that he had facilitated one-on-one meetings with most of the core user groups fo the facility.

“To generalize the comments, it’s been pretty positive that we’re essentially planning to move forward with the facility and keep the doors open,” Petrovics said. “Our user groups are excited about that… so far it’s been a good news story.”

There are also plans to eventually have a meeting with all user groups together, much in the same way that the arena operates.

Coun. Chris Hambruch moved the recommendation and thanked Petrovics and staff for the quick turnaround on this item. The recommendation for the bylaw was passed unopposed.