Town will soon be advertising for select engineering services

The Town will be advertising for a statement of qualifications for some of their engineering services.

The Town of Golden is looking to open up their engineering services.

“For the past 35 years or so, the majority of the engineering work has been directed to a single service provider. However in the past couple years at least the staff have been moving away from this practice, and have been spreading the work around to different specialists,” said Chris Cochran, manager of operations for the Town.

Special engineering services required by the Town include geotechnical, hydrological, electrical, civil, environmental, mechanical among many others.

“The request in the report is to advertise for general engineering services, or a request for statement of qualifications, so that we can invite proposals from different engineering providers and select from those for a three-year term.”

The purpose of the “call for qualifications” is to find the best, cost-effective limited-term engineering services for the municpality.

A new engineering service provider is not part of the 2012 work plan, however staff recommended that council proceed with advertising now so that a contract may be in place for 2013.

At a Committee of the Whole meeting on Oct. 16, council directed staff to make modifications to the proposal, and then proceed with advertising.