Town passes changes to Zoning Bylaw

  • Feb. 9, 2011 8:00 a.m.

After the First Reading of the Town of Golden new Zoning Bylaw in November 2010, and after much discussion and insight from Council and town’s folk alike, some important decisions were put in place by the Town Council on February 1st.

The first is the decision to remove all references to residential hen farming in R2 (Residential Smart Growth) areas. The decision was unanimous, and will not be included as a permitted use in the new zoning bylaw.

Secondly, Council has decided against allowing secondary suites in R1 (Single Family Residential) zones. Although this wasn’t a unanimous decision, secondary suites will be permitted in both existing R1-S and future single-family subdivisions.

Thirdly, Council also decided against the addition of a Mobile Home Park Zone across from the Canyon Ridge subdivision. Instead, the area will remain a R5 (Rural Residential) zone.

Lastly, Council has requested that these and other housekeeping changes be incorporated into a revised First Reading of the new zoning bylaw for further public comment and Council review.

In summing up the progress to date Mayor Christina Benty stated, “Council has heard and is mindful of citizens’ concerns on how we determine land use through our new zoning bylaw. We want to make sure that we take the time to get it right.”

Once Council has approved a revised First Reading, the new zoning bylaw will undergo Second, and Third Readings, followed by a final adoption scheduled for sometime in the Spring.

“Town staff has been working very hard, and we expect the process will be greatly assisted with the recent arrival of our new Manager of Development Services, Gary Smith”, concluded Mayor Benty.

For more information on the decisions, contact the Town of Golden or speak with a member of the Town Council.