Town holding information session on Bridge to Bridge

The Town will be holding and open house on Sept. 6, and setting up at the last two Farmers' Markets to give out B2B information.

Time is running out to make sure you are well informed about the Bridge to Bridge project before the referendum on Sept. 8. And the Town of Golden is working hard to make that information as accessible as possible.

“On September 8, we are going to the public asking them if we are to borrow $1.3 million to leverage the federal and provincial infrastructure grant for diking,” said Mayor Christina Benty during a regular council meeting.

She then suggested that the Town put on an open house and set up a table at the Farmers’ Market to ensure as many people as possible have access to information about the project.

Copies of the Town’s Annual General Report will also be available.

“Not everybody likes to read on a website, or has access to a computer, so this just provides the public with another opportunity to get that information,” she said.

Benty will be at all three events, as will Town staff., including David Allen.

They will be there to answer questions, and clarify any misunderstandings.

“Staff’s job will be to provide technical expertise, not a political opinion,” said Benty.

The Town table will be at the Farmers’ Markets on Aug. 29, and Sept. 5, and the open house is scheduled for Thursday Sept. 6 at the Golden Civic Centre for much of the day.

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