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There's something for everyone at College of the Rockies

The new semester is almost here for the College of the Rockies, and the Golden campus has some exciting courses and programs to offer.

It is a busy time of the year at the College of the Rockies in Golden as many new courses are set to begin.

One of the new programs is "The Art Spot," which is being delivered in partnership with Service Canada through the New Horizons program.

According to Golden Campus Manager, Karen Cathcart, the program is aimed at local seniors. It focuses on education through the arts and is part of the lifelong learning program the college has been running in partnership with the local seniors.

"The aim of the program is to engage seniors into the world of art education, learning through the creative process, taught by local artisans, and mentoring seniors.  Seniors will learn art techniques in painting, drawing, pottery, beading, silversmithing, coppersmithing and the like," said Cathcart.

This is a unique program that will assist in building partnerships, expand networks and provide inter-generational interaction.  By providing active creative programming, local seniors will support healthier and active members of the community.

Another program returning to the college is a hairdressing program.

The program is looking to start on Oct. 1, is 10 months long and will include both high school students and community residents.

Another popular program offered at the college is a skills upgrading program which has run for the past two years.

"It is an opportunity for child minding on campus. Individuals who want to come in and do their upgrading for high school to get the GED or to get into college/university can bring their children to school," Cathcart said.

The college also will be holding interesting shorter programs. The "Do It Yourself" program will give people the chance to learn how to make moccasins (Nov. 3-4), beaded mittens (Nov. 24-25) and journey sticks (Dec. 8). People can sign up for any one of the programs and share their creative side.

The very useful Intro to Trades program is set to return in October. The 10-week program gives a great base for students who have an interest in different trades.

"People come in and learn about the construction trades. They get classroom theory and they also get to do a practical part as well," said Cathcart.

The Adventure Tourism Business Operations diploma program will welcome approximately 40 students this year to the Golden and area community. These students come here from around the world to study adventure and business.

"Yes, it’s going to be a busy year at the college. We look forward to welcoming our new and returning students. Please review our continuing education guide for the latest courses. We have everything from Belly Dancing to Trail Ride Guiding and Packing. Stop by and see us, or give us a call," Cathcart said.

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