The Fall Faire is on Sept. 8 and 9.

The Fall Faire is on Sept. 8 and 9.

The Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire is almost here

There will be several new competition and activities at the faire this year, taking place on Sept. 8 and 9.

  • Sep. 3, 2012 12:00 p.m.

The Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire is almost here. On Sept. 8 and 9, Golden will be able to enjoy the old fashioned event that took the museum months to organize.

“The last couple weeks before the Faire are the busy weeks. All the big details have been taken care of, so now it’s just the small ones like where the individuals set up once they arrive, that sort of thing,” said Colleen Palumbo, executive director of the Golden Museum. “We have lots of interest, and some new vendors. So I’m very excited about the possibilities this year.”

There will be several new competition and activities at the faire this year. Geocaching will be introduced for the first time, and a strongman competition where participants will compete in a four-part event (pulling the Mountain Motorsports truck, flipping tires, dragging tires, and a farmer’s walk).

“The scouting organization will be there this year building paper rockets on site. So kids can go there, and within half an hour have a rocket built that they will launch with a bicycle pump launcher. They brought it here… and when they hit the firing button, that thing goes up so far in the air they can’t see it,” said Palumbo, “I think that will be interesting. And, it also give the Scouts the opportunity to let people know what the organization is about.”

The Rec Plex will be filled with some of your favourite competitions, including baking and canning.  The Quilters Guild will also be in attendance, showing off some of the creations their members have made this year.

Outside the Rec Plex will be the lawn tractor racing, tug-of-war, the Canyon’s Edge Wife Carry, Stompdown skateboard and bike competition, and, on Sunday, Sept. 9, the Kla-How-Ya River Battle.

Don’t forget about the live music sure to keep you entertained all day.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good lineup of things to keep people busy from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m,” said Palumbo.

The Fall Faire has found a way to give back to the community at the same time. The Golden Food Bank will be in attendance collecting donations.

Everybody who brings something for the food bank, whether it’s from your garden or your cupboard, can write their name on a slip of paper and a name will be drawn for $25 gift certificate from Overwaitea,” said Palumbo.

It is sure to be a busy afternoon, and given that many competitions take place outside and the Golden Byelection voting will be across the street, parking will be very limited. Organizers are encouraging people to ride their bikes to the Faire.

Anyone who had ridden their bike can go to the Golden Museum tent and enter their name into a draw for a $25 gift certificate for TRU Hardware.

“If everyone would keep their fingers crossed, or do whatever they have to do to ensure we have good weather on the day, that would be wonderful,” said Palumbo.