Sobeys rebrands under IGA banner

Shoppers may have noticed some subtle, yet clear changes at Sobeys over the past week as the store switches over to the IGA banner.

Shoppers may have noticed some subtle, yet clear changes at Sobeys over the past week. The changes are soon to be less subtle as Sobeys completely shifts its brand over to IGA in time for a Grand Opening celebration from Sept. 12-14. The move comes seven years after the local outlet made the switch to the Sobeys brand from IGA.

According to store manager Cam Dawes, IGA is the brand that Sobeys has chosen to use for its smaller rural stores in order to improve the customer’s experience.

Under the Sobeys brand, items in the store’s weekly flyer would often be unavailable at the store in Golden.

“The (new) flyer will be more tailored to the store’s products and to the customers here in Golden. You’re not going to see, in the flyer, dozens of items that maybe they carry at a (larger) Sobeys store regularly. What’s in the flyer is what we have here.”

Other than signage and the flyers, changes at the store in Golden should be minimal, although Dawes expects some small adjustments to the store’s look and layout to be made over the next few months. The staff will remain the same, including Dawes, who has worked at the store for 21 years.

One adjustment that would have happened under either banner is the switch from Club Sobeys to Air Miles for the store’s loyalty program. Dawes believes the switch will give customers more opportunities to accumulate points and more options when redeeming those points for rewards.

“You can also use Air Miles cash in store here…there’s lots of options for the consumer, more options than what they would have had normally,” Dawes said.

Club Sobeys points can now be transferred to your Air Miles account at Air Miles rewards cards will be accepted starting on Sept. 12.

As part of the store’s grand opening under the IGA banner, cake and snacks will be served on Sept. 12 and a free hot dog barbecue will take place on Sept. 13.