Snow tires are still required for a few more days. Black Press Media file.

Snow tires are still required for a few more days. Black Press Media file.

Snow tire requirements still in effect until April 30

Many highways in and out of Golden still require winter tires despite the warmer weather

As the weather warms and spring is around the corner, many are looking ahead to the warmer months to come.

However, there are still a few days where winter tires are still required and for those planning on any significant travel along the highways in and out of Golden, it’s the law to put off that tire change another few days.

Winter tires or chains are required on most routes in British Columbia from October 1 until April 30 that are located through mountain passes and high snowfall areas.

Conditions and weather can change quickly in the Golden area and throughout the Interior, with snow still possible despite the warming temperatures.

Tires must be in good condition and have a minimum tread depth of 3.5 millimetres. For rural highways and mountain passes, tires with the mountain/snowflake symbol provide the best traction and handling.

These regulations are enforced by policy, ministry and other enforcement officials, with those who are not compliant being turned away from the highway if caught and fined.

The Trans-Canada highway heading both east and west out of Golden is one such highway that requires winter tires or chains until April 30.

Highways 95 and 93 also require winter tires, as well as most routes through the Kootenays.

Normally, it is recommended that winter tires are removed once the temperature hits 7 degrees celsius, as the warmer temperature can cause the tires to wear faster.

According to Environment Canada, temperatures are supposed to hit the mid-teens in Golden over the next two weeks, while still hovering around freezing at night.

However, snow is still in the forecast for Rogers Pass, with flurries expected over the next few days and up to 2 cm of accumulation.

Flurries are still common this time of year through the passes across the Province, so adjust your travel plans or tire change plans accordingly to what is safe.

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