Small Town Artillery will be performing on Thursday as a part of Summer Kicks lineup. (Mary Matheson photo)

Small Town Artillery will be performing on Thursday as a part of Summer Kicks lineup. (Mary Matheson photo)

Small Town Artillery brings big time sound to Golden

This week’s headliner for Summer Kicks blends genres in a unique way

Small Town Artillery will be headlining Summer Kicks on a rare Thursday performance on Aug. 12 at Keith King park.

With rock n roll tunes and a powerful horn section, Golden and Area A locals will be treated to an upbeat and high energy performance, with a lot of dynamics, according to frontman Tom van Deursen.

“We’re putting together a great live show that features all our favourite musicians,” said van Deursen.

“We put a lot of energy into our live shows and we’re excited to be back performing.”

Van Deursen, and his brother, Derek, are originally from Kaslo, and grew up on on rock and pop punk, spurring a love for the genres.

When Tom moved to Vancouver, he quickly joined a funk band, listening to upbreat afro-beat music, where he developped a love of a horn section.

His distinct blend of styles is what sets Small Town Artillery apart, says van Deursen.

“I think we really mash genres in a unique way, I haven’t heard a lot of bands that sound like us,” said van Deursen.

Van Deursen says that being able to play again after a year and a half of COVID restrictions is refereshing. While they’ve only played two live shows to date since restrictions have been eased

He says that one of his favourite things about performing is building a rapport with his audience and connecting with people in person.

“We’re an old school band, we like being on the road and seeing people, COVID was a really tough time, we’re a live band first and foremost, which is something that sets us apart,” he says.

“But now, seeing peopel gathering without that fear and being joyous, seeing them happy while I’m with my band who are my best friends, we’ve all been missing a part of ourselves the last year.”

Their performance will mostly feature original songs by the band, with a few mashups and covers of classics and fan favourites.

The band is excited to come to Golden, with van Deursen calling it the “perfect mountain town.”

“I love the mountains that craddle it, there plenty of interesting people who landed there from all walks of life, it’s a nice cross between rural adventure and that B.C. mountain culture.”

Van Deursen says that the show has something for everyone, with live brass really driving the sound and making them a can’t miss show.

Small Town Artillery hits the stage at 7 p.m.

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