Shred Kelly will be back in Golden for the first time in almost a year. (@MKuhnPhoto)

Shred Kelly will be back in Golden for the first time in almost a year. (@MKuhnPhoto)

Shred Kelly takes on Summer Kicks

The local fan favourite will be hitting the stage tonight at 7

Shred Kelly will make their triumphant return to Golden for the first time in almost a year this Friday, July 23, as a part of Kicking Horse Culture’s Summer Kicks lineup.

The local fan favourites are excited to make their return and have the opportunity to perform in front of an eager and expansive crowd, as COVID limited their live shows over the last 18 months.

“Coming back to Golden, we can make a live experience that can be so much better. We’re excited to bring that here because Golden is one of our best markets,” said Tim Newton, guitarist for the band.

“It’s our first shows where people can get up and dance to our music, the joy in everyone’s faces, it’s an emotional moment.”

Shred Kelly will be playing some of their old fan favourites for the crowd, and also play new music that was released just over a year ago on the band’s latest album, Like A Rising Sun.

Due to the pandemic, the band hasn’t been able to tour in support of their latest album, only now able to take the opportunity to introduce their new music to fans over the next few weeks as they tour mountain towns across the region.

The new album explores the theme of life change, with Newton saying many of the songs were written during time of great upheaval for him and his wife Sage McBride, who is also in the band. The pair welcomed a new daughter in 2019, before Newton lost his father just a month later.

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Most of the music was written pre-pandemic, but the themes of change, loss and joy will resonate with many after the last 18 months.

Newton says while there may be new music, fans can still expect the same high-energy dance party performance that the band is known for.

Perhaps, even more so.

“The pandemic gave us a lot of downtime to practice our live show and work on it. We’ve come prepared to put on a good tight live show, with more production and bigger sound,” said Newton.

“The pandemic made us realize that we want to bring something bigger to our audience, and the last three weeks of shows, we’re on top of our game and it’s been a blessing.”

On being able to perform to larger in-person crowds, Newton says he’s just happy to see everyone having fun again, not wanting to take anything for granted.

“I’m just so looking forward to seeing people again and having that feeling of togetherness and community again, looking out from the stage,” he said.

“I don’t think we’ll ever take performing for granted again, so we all need to enjoy it while we can. Hopefully we’re through the thick of the pandemic, but you never know. Let’s just have a great time and come together and love each other because we can do that right now.”

Shred Kelly will perform at Keith King Memorial Park from 7 to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 23.

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