Several motor vehicle accidents occured over the holidays

A number off accident kept emergency services busy over the New Year's Eve holiday weekend.

Drastic temperature changes and unpredictable weather have made the holiday season this year a dangerous one for the roads. The RCMP and other emergency workers had several accidents in the area to contend with.

On Thursday (Dec. 29) at around 11 a.m., there was a motor vehicle accident on Highway 1, near Kinbasket Lake, where a private vehicle impacted a commercial vehicle. There were only minor injuries caused, and traffic was blocked for about an hour, to an hour and a half. Road conditions may have been a factor, as there was rain, and slushy and slippery sections.

On Friday (Dec. 30), on the Field hill, near the Spiral Tunnels, there was a motor vehicle accident involving two transport vehicles that were following each other. One vehicle impacted the back of the other. It is unclear whether road conditions were a factor, or if the vehicles were travelling too close to each other. There were minor or no injuries as a result.

Also on Friday (Dec. 30), at around 6:30 a.m., just west of Golden, there was a motor vehicle accident involving a small private vehicle and a commercial vehicle. The incident blocked traffic for about an hour, before a single lane was opened to allow vehicles through.

On Sunday Jan. 1, at roughly 10 a.m., there was a single vehicle accident near Emerald Lake. The vehicle was driving around a corner, lost control, and slid into a ditch, flipping on its side. RCMP responded, and the two occupants in the vehicle were taken to hospital. They were released shortly after.