Serving the people a key for Magnusson

Coun. Magnus Magnusson has decided to try and extend his service to the Town of Golden, and run for office for a fifth term.

Coun. Magnus Magnusson has decided to try and extend his service to the Town of Golden, and run for office for a fifth term.

It was 12 years ago when he decided to run for the first time.

“I thought there was probably some things I could lend a hand in,” said Magnusson of why he decided to enter local politics. “There were things I thought needed improvement. But I didn’t have a specific agenda, and I still don’t. I just like to make sure we have a well run government, and I think we have that.”

In his many years on council, Magnusson has become very familiar with the challenges and joys that come from a public service position. And he enjoys all of it. He has had the privilege of seeing many ideas and projects come to fruition.

“The foot bridge will always be a landmark,” he said. “I’m really pleased with this council I’ve been working with. I’m very pleased because we came together and accomplished a great deal of stuff. We got a lot of the trails done, we got the green machines out there, we got some streets done, we worked with the department of highways to get the trails made. The spirit square, you know, they’ve done a great job.”

That being said, Magnusson does not believe that there is no work left to be done. He is happy about the state of our community, but things can always get better.

“When I first came on, there wasn’t even a POS machine in the town office, no electronics at all. I’d like to see them up-to-date with all their hardware and software. I want to see the broadband come to fruition, because it is very important to this town, and it would benefit greatly. I’d like to find a way to attract some of the hundreds of thousands of people that go by our doorstep into town. We’ve got to get something going there to get people stopping in our town. We’ll keep working on it.”

Even prior to working on town council, Magnusson has seen Golden grow and change a great deal in his 65 years in the town.

“I can remember Golden when it was gravel streets and boardwalks and no sidewalks. I’ve seen tremendous change here. And some of it’s been good, some of it’s been bad,” he said.

“There are things in the past that I think we could have done better. Years ago with the Columbia River Treaty, Golden could have benefited more, but I think we may have a chance on the second go around. It will be interesting to see what happens there. That’s another reason why I want to be around, to keep my finger on that one to.”

From this point forward, Magnusson is very positive about the future of his community.

“I am very optimistic for Golden right now. I think we’ve done well through most of this recession. If things start to move we’re in a good  position, so that we can take anything that comes to us,” he said. “I think if we can get this new zoning bylaw in place in the next couple of months we’ll be in good shape with the OCP. We’ve done very well.

“It takes a long time for things to happen. And I’m really happy with the accomplishments we’ve made. Let’s hope that they continue.”