Services report: Black bears rewarded with garbage, fires burn after party dissolves

Services report: Black bears rewarded with garbage, fires burn after party dissolves

Golden-Field RCMP

During the month of April, Golden-Field RCMP responded to more than 220 calls for service.

These calls included, but were not limited, to 45 traffic complaints, 17 abandoned 911 calls, 11 collisions, eight thefts, seven alarms, and seven disturbances.

Currently around one-third of calls to the Golden-Field RCMP are traffic related with a majority being on the Trans-Canada Highway, whether it be traffic complaints or collisions.

“This number typically increases during the summer months. We expect to see a significant increase in these complaints in the coming weeks,” says Cst. Spencer Lainchbury with the Golden-Field RCMP.

With the summer season approaching, police would like to remind residents to keep valuables such as bicycles locked up and out of sight when not in use.

“Items that can be easily seen from the street tend to be easy targets for theft,” Lainchbury says.

Police also recommend that serial numbers of any valuables be written down as well as photos taken to aid police in returning property to the rightful owner should it be stolen and recovered.

Golden-Field RCMP continue to investigate a break and enter and theft at Darkside Snow Skate Life. Lainchbury says suspects have not yet been identified, and anyone with information can contact the Golden-Field RCMP at 250-344-2221 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Golden Fire Rescue

During the past week, Golden Fire Rescue responded to one medical call to assist BC Ambulance Services with a hitchhiker who had overdosed.

Golden Fire Rescue were also called to the “Flats grad party zone,” to extinguish a fire.

“This is now in the middle of a public bike park. Every year the parties happen and don’t get properly cleaned up. This year we had to go back the next day to douse the fire that was not properly extinguished,” explained deputy chief Mike Pecora. “We are in an extreme fire zone, and unattended fires can be hazardous as we know. Having a party, then leaving at 3 a.m. to come and clean up the next day is no longer acceptable.”

“Waiting until noon, or until the hangover subsides is poor judgment,” Pecora said. “In the world of social media, we know who most of the kids are from public posts. Had this fire gone unattended and out of control, the families of these individuals would be on the hook for the damages.”


Officer Services

On the evening of April 26, a black bear broke into a cargo trailer south of Golden.

Residents of the property awoke to the sound of the bear, and were able to scare it off by making noise, but the bear returned once again later on.

The bear was able to gain access into the cargo trailer, which housed garbage.

“The bear was rewarded with domestic waste,” conservation officer Alex Desjardins said, adding that the residents had tried to properly secure the garbage inside the trailer. “I think this is a great reminder to residents to secure their attractants.”

The Conservation Officer Services is conducting attractant audits to ensure residents are keeping their garbage and other attractants properly secured.

“We now put the onus on the residents to keep people safe and keep bears wild,” Desjardins said.

Later that week, two kilometres from the initial incident, the same bear accessed a resident’s bird feeder before breaking into their garage to access their secured garbage.

“There’s a bear that was highly habituated and enters buildings,” Desjardins warns residents who live 20 kilometres from town on Highway 95. “Hopefully… people can tighten up their attractants and he will move along.”

Residents are reminded to report any human-wildlife conflicts to the Report all Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network.