Seasonal load restrictions in effect: Southern B.C.

  • Mar. 21, 2011 7:00 a.m.

Drivers of commercial vehicles are advised that load restrictions are now in place on various provincial routes in Southern British Columbia. Highways are particularly vulnerable to damage when they begin to thaw, and load restrictions are put in place to reduce that damage.

With load restrictions in place, drivers of long-haul transports, logging trucks and trucks that carry heavy equipment are required to reduce loads they would normally carry on a route. They can also choose alternate roads with no load restrictions, where available.

Drivers should look for white signs posted on the route advising of seasonal load limits for the area. Drivers who do not obey seasonal load restrictions are subject to a $365 fine.

Detailed information on load restrictions, presented geographically, is available on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s websites. This information is updated daily. Details are also available at all Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations.

The ministry, with assistance from highway maintenance contractors, continuously monitors provincial roads for changing conditions. With daily monitoring, load restrictions can be removed as soon as possible so that commercial drivers can resume carrying full loads.

Load restrictions are usually in place for about six to eight weeks in the spring to protect B.C.’s road system. This saves taxpayers $50 million annually in additional maintenance costs. The Province will spend almost $150 million in 2011-12 on road rehabilitation.

For more information on why the ministry uses load restrictions to prevent road damage, visit the ministry’s website at:

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