Residents can help the Town of Golden remove snow more efficiently

Residents can help the Town of Golden remove snow more efficiently


Winter has arrived in Golden and that means public works staff are busy with snow removal duties to help keep you safe on the roads and sidewalks.

The Town of Golden has more than 55 kilometres of roads and six kilometres of trails and sidewalks to maintain throughout the winter.

Streets are maintained on a priority basis, established by ensuring hills, major streets, and emergency routes are cleared first. In general, after a big storm snow removal begins with 9th Street South and 10th Avenue North (within the confines of the Town’s jurisdiction); significant hills including Selkirk, Lafontaine, and Garab Road; the area around the Fire Hall; and school routes.

Access to the main traffic routes and the hills in Golden is important to ensuring the safety of community members and motorists are encouraged to keep vehicles off roadsides and out of alleyways leading up to and after a storm event.

It can take a minimum of two to three days to recover from a large storm. Once the first-round of plowing and sanding has occurred, the crews may then start ice cutting and snow hauling processes, if required.

Intersections, pedestrian crossings, hills, and sidewalks get sanded first. This is to ensure public safety.

Once the main routes are taken care of, snow removal continues with Town owned parking areas; remaining residential streets; the airport; and remaining sidewalks and trails, some in accordance with the Age Friendly priority map.

Driveway windrows of registered senior citizens or persons with disabilities are plowed after major plowing and sanding has happened.

In accordance with our bylaw, businesses are required to clear the snow from the sidewalks in front of their buildings. While we are known to provide courtesy sidewalk plowing in the commercial areas, it remains the responsibility of businesses to ensure the sidewalks fronting their building are cleared.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to do their part to help Golden’s hard-working snow removal crew be as effective as possible.

Please move vehicles off roadways and out of alleyways. Alleyways should be clear of woodpiles, boats, cars, and travel trailers, as outlined in the Traffic, Parking and Streets Regulation Bylaw #966. This is crucial to the efficiency of Town crews.

In addition, when clearing driveways clear to the right and try to wait until the equipment has finished clearing the road of snow. Shovelling out on to the roadways is actually a bylaw infraction, so please refrain from doing so.

To read the Town of Golden snow removal and sanding policy, look for it at