RCMP Report

Golden RCMP take a look at what is happening around Golden

Golden Star Staff


-On Thursday Aug. 2, a local man came into the Golden RCMP Detachment explaining that his mountain bike had fallen of the back of his pick-up truck, somewhere between Banff and the 10 mile break check, at the top of 10 mile hill. The bike is a green, men’s Yukon Hardtail mountain bike.

-On Wednesday Aug. 1, the RCMP received several reports of a black vehicle driving around Golden, squealing its tires. RCMP located the black truck with no one inside of it, and with a tire completely blown. The vehicle has been impounded, and the RCMP are currently investigating for dangerous driving.

-On Thursday Aug. 2, there was a single vehicle accident east of Golden. The roads were wet, and the two occupants of the vehicle said they hydroplaned, and then rolled into the ditch. BC Ambulance attended the scene, but both occupants refused transport to the hospital, saying they were fine.

-Over the past week the Golden RCMP Detachment has dealt with one impaired driver, five noise complaints (all of which complied with police after the complaints were filed), and several traffic complaints, most of which were on Highway 1.

-Over the past month there have been three serious head injuries from cyclists not wearing their helmets, two adults and one youth. The RCMP would like to remind people (youth and adults) to be safe and wear a helmet while riding their bikes. Cst. Mike Hull on Bike Patrol is handing out vouchers to anyone he see wearing a helmet around town. Vouchers were generously donated by : A&W, McDonald’s, Subway, 7-11, Dairy Queen, Club Penguin, and the Town of Golden.