RCMP Report: Wildlife sightings becoming frequent

Spring is here and there has been an increase in reported sightings of wildlife near the highways.

Wildlife sightings


Spring is here and there has been an increase in reported sightings of wildlife near the highways.  A bear cub was spotted on the road side near the gun range west of Golden and an injured deer had to be put down on the 4th..  Motorists are reminded to be cautious at this time as these animals frequent the highways.


Fraudulent request


A resident received a email requesting conformation of their banking contact information and password on Apr. 4.  The resident confirmed the information and learned shortly thereafter that there had been an attempt to withdraw funds from their investment account.  Luckily the attempt was not successful.  This is yet another reminder to guard your information and passwords.


Impaired driver


On Apr. 6 officers noted a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and moving slowly.  The officers conducted a vehicle stop and found the driver, from Kelowna, to be impaired by alcohol.  The driver failed the roadside screen test and has lost their driving privileges for 90 days and the vehicle has been impounded for 30 days.


Mischief at motel


On Apr. 8, police were called to a local motel after two young persons were reportedly causing damage to the sauna and pool.  Other hotel guests observed the mischief and reported it to the manager who had also been observing some actions via the security video.  Police attended and took custody of the two young people.  The owner attended and viewed the damage and was able to ascertain that only minimal damage had occurred and that the area could be cleaned up.  The youth were turned over to their parents.  The parents attended the detachment to collect the young people.  One parent was appreciative that their child would not be charged and assured police the young person would be held accountable.  Unfortunately, the other parent was irate the young person was arrested for the criminal offence he had committed and that they had to attend the detachment to pick up the child.  The parent threatened legal action against the RCMP.


Backyard parties


As the weather is warming up, residents are taking to the outdoors and their backyards for evening entertaining.  Police received a couple of calls to a residence in the Upper Donald area where the music was disturbing nearby residents.  The home owners were receptive and assured officers they would keep the noise down.


Stolen vehicle found


A local resident was arrested after officers conducted a vehicle check and found the vehicle had been reported stolen last fall.  The driver was also a prohibited driver.