RCMP Report: Thieves found under truck

Golden RCMP kick in on National Prescription Drop Off Day.

Bike stolen in downtown Golden


Police were called by a 13-year-old boy who had his bike stolen from outside the Moose Trax candy store on 9th Ave.  After a search of the area and speaking with other store owners, police located the bike in the corridor between some buildings and returned it to the owner.

Thieves found under a truck


Golden/Field RCMP received a report of two males seen lurking around vehicles in the Alexander Park Drive Area. Police responded and located two males hiding under a truck. The males were arrested for theft from a vehicle. The investigation is ongoing to determine how many vehicles were broken into.

No consent found on private property


A report of people riding dirt bikes along the Blaeberry River and accessing it through private property led the Golden/Field RCMP out to the Blaeberry area.

In one instance a property owners sign was pulled down. People are reminded that recreational use of motorized vehicles is restricted and cannot be operated on private property without consent of the owner.

Driving privileges revoked


A local driver lost their driving privilege for 90 days after failing a roadside screening device. The driver held a class 7 license, which prohibits driving after having consumed any alcohol, let alone enough to have failed a roadside test placing their blood alcohol over the legal limit.

Motorcycle stolen


Sometime between May 3-5, a 1977 Honda Trail motorcycle was stolen from a Nicholson area home. It is red in colour as has some specific markings on it. Anyone with information is asked to call the Golden RCMP or Crimestoppers.


Golden RCMP kick in on National Prescription Drop Off Day


The RCMP would like to let everyone know that May 11 is National Prescription Drop Off Day.  This is a Public Safety led initiative with a goal to provide and encourage the public with the opportunity to turn over all unwanted prescription medications so they can be safely destroyed.

Expired and unused prescription medications pose a potential threat to Canadians for several reasons: the powerful, addictive and potentially dangerous medications attract criminals who seek profit through diverting them and trafficking them to others;  individuals, especially our youth, can ingest the medicines found in our homes or bought from dealers with potentially dangerous consequences expired medicines pose a risk due to unanticipated complications as active ingredients break down and do not react as expected and improper disposal of the medications poses a risk to the environment.

The Golden RCMP in support of National Prescription Drop Off Day, will be accepting expired and unused prescription medications from Saturday, May 11 to Friday May 17, from anyone who is unable or may chose not to drop off at one of the local Pharmacies.  Drop off at the Golden RCMP can be done anonymously and there is no obligation for the public to provide their personal details.


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