RCMP Report: Thefts from vehicles

Between midnight and and the early morning hours of August 17 there were upwards of 20 thefts from vehicles in Golden.

In a 24 hour period on August 11 there were three separate incidents where impaired drivers were picked up by members of the  Golden RCMP Detachment. This number is described as high for the area. Two of the impaired drivers were from Alberta and one was a local.

In the afternoon of August 11 a driver approximately five kilometres east of Golden was attempting to pull off of the road to rest. During his attempt to pull off the road the driver ended up in a ditch.

On August 12 the RCMP had to deal with a man who had been previously warned about having open liquor in public. A few hours after his warning the man was found staggering around Spirit Square and was incapable of caring for himself. RCMP took the man in custody for the evening before releasing him the following morning with a violation ticket.

On August 15 members of the Golden RCMP Detachment arrested two males who were trafficking in a controlled substance. A hearing has been held and both men are still in police custody, and will remain so, at least until a court appearance in Cranbrook on August 20.

Between midnight and and the early morning hours of August 17 there were upwards of 20 thefts from vehicles. The majority of the vehicles were left unlocked with items which could be seen through the windows. A variety of items were taken from the vehicles ranging from clothing to electronic items. There was one theft of a vehicle where the vehicle was moved from a residence down the block. There was no damage to the vehicle. In one vehicle someone had vomited on the drivers seat. (The window was open). Many of the vehicles were between the area of Alexander Park and Selkirk Hill with other incidents occuring in the south end of Golden.

A bicycle was stolen in Golden. The red and white Airwalk mountain bicycle was stolen from a yard in the south area of town.

The Bowling Alley in Golden had the front door smashed in.

RCMP were informed that someone tried to break into a travel trailer in the area.

Residents are reminded to keep their car doors locked, keep their windows rolled up and do not leave valuables in their vehicles. Anyone with any information can contact the Golden RCMP detachment at (250) 344-2221