RCMP Report: Stolen Alberta car involved in Highway 1 crash

When the officer arrived on scene, they quickly determined the vehicle had been reported stolen from Alberta.

On Dec. 29, 2013, Golden RCMP received a report from the International Emergency Response Reporting Centre that they had received a spot beacon activation, that a group of back country sled skiers had been involved in an avalanche near Hope Creek.

Golden and District Search and Rescue responded and were able to reach the two injured parties in the late evening.  They stabilized the injured and remained with them through the night. Police would like to thank the dedicated members of the GADSAR, who train regularly and selflessly volunteer their time to respond to situations such as this.

Drunk Driving

Golden officers had been conducting licensed establishment checks on Dec. 31 and had spoken with a number of patrons throughout the night.  One in particular had told officers of their intent to take a cab home and they had been consuming alcohol.  The same officer later in the morning, saw this person driving a motor vehicle through town.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver was confirmed to be the same person who had previously spoke with officers about being sober and not driving home.  The driver, impaired by alcohol, was issued a 90 day prohibition from driving and had their vehicle impounded for 30 days.

New Year’s Celebrations

Police were out and about for the local New Year’s Eve festivities.  There were a number of people out enjoying various venues in and around town, many of which held extended hours.  Most people were found to be respectful and responsible partiers and interaction with the police was minimal.  Throughout the evening and early morning, officers dealt with three impaired drivers and three liquor offence matters.

Uninsured Vehicles

At this time of the year most snowmobiler enthusiasts are out enjoying the backcountry.  Sometimes it is how they get there that draws the attention of the locals.  Public is reminded that the use of uninsured vehicles on a public access highway is prohibited and subject to a fine of $598.

Highway Collisions

Golden officer continue to respond to many motor vehicle collisions on Hwy 1.  On one day, an officer dealt with five collisions in a row, with three occurring at the same location where the officer was investigating a collision involving a report stolen vehicle on Dec. 28.  Witnesses reported a collision between a Dodge Durango and another vehicle.  The occupants of the Durango, a male and female, sustained minor injuries but quickly hitched a ride from the scene heading east toward the Alberta boarder.  When the officer arrived on scene, they quickly determined the vehicle had been reported stolen from Alberta three days earlier.  The investigation is ongoing and a potential suspect has surfaced.