RCMP Report: Six collisions and stolen property found

Officers discover stolen property while dealing with a hallucinating young male.

Golden/Field RCMP responded to 39 files.

Weekend parties at resort

Officers from the detachment responded to four noise complaints at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. This many calls is not common for the resort area. Officers responded to complaints, and people at the gatherings were compliant in keeping the noise down.

911 hang-ups

The RCMP would like to remind people to be careful with their cell phones, as a number of calls were made to the 911 line and then hung up. If this happens on your phone, people are reminded to answer when the RCMP call back and confirm it was an accidental call.

Six collisions

On Jan. 15 a car struck a barrier and flipped on its roof in the Louisiana Pacific parking lot after missing the corner near the railway tracks on 10th Avenue North.

There were no serious injuries in the accident, as the occupants in the car were checked out by paramedics on the scene.

Based on information from the driver of the vehicle, he was going to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and got lost. The driver said he was looking at his GPS when he looked up and saw the lights blinking at the railway crossing. He then “floored it” to get across the tracks. The vehicle made it across the track but could not make the turn. It slammed into a concrete barrier on the side of the LP parking lot and proceeded to flip over. The RCMP confirmed they had to have been travelling at a high rate of speed.

All of the people in the vehicle were wearing seat belts, which the RCMP says may have prevented any serious injuries.

On Jan. 24 RCMP attended an accident on the Highway 1 when a male driver from Victoria was heading west and lost control of his vehicle when he pulled out to pass another vehicle. The driver  lost control, and ended up going off the road and down a 40-foot  embankment.

On Jan. 22 two semi trucks were involved in a head-on collision on the Trans Canada Highway approximately three kilometres west of Golden. The truck going east went across the centre line and hit the west-bound vehicle. Both drivers were taken to the Golden and District Hospital. One male was kept over night at the hospital for observations.

Young offender

On Jan. 25 a young offender was picked up in Golden for “taking an auto without consent.”

The male had taken his father’s vehicle in Kamloops. A report was made by the father of the driver, and the RCMP in Golden came across the vehicle in the area. The male was held and eventually released on conditions, but will have to appear in court in the future.

Not open for business

Three people were given tickets for having open liquor in public. The people involved were in the downtown area, and were going from their hotels to the bars in Golden. People are reminded that they are not permitted to have open liquor containers in public places.

Hallucinating youth leads to stolen property

On Jan. 24 RCMP went to the Blaeberry area to deal with a young male who was suffering from a drug induced hallucination.

Officers took the male to the hospital, but due to his level of intoxication he was moved to the RCMP detachment.

After the male sobered up he was returned to the hospital and officers went to speak to the male’s mother.

The mother was a suspect in a break-and-enter in Golden around Christmas.

The mother was renting a cabin in the Blaeberry since December. While speaking to her, officers noticed some questionable items in the cabin. Upon further investigation, officers found many items of stolen property that seemed to be mostly from Calgary.

The woman was arrested and released on conditions. The son was also released and also returned to Calgary.