RCMP Report: Several thefts over last week

The Golden-Field RCMP is looking for information regarding three separate thefts that occurred this week.

Police seek info regarding three grants

The Golden-Field RCMP is looking for information regarding three separate thefts that occurred this week. Reports received included gas being syphoned from a pickup on 11th Avenue N., cash being taken from a business on 10th Avenue N., and over $600 in potato chips being stolen from a delivery truck near Fisher Road.

“We would like to identify the owner of a small green car with a broken rear window, which was seen in the area of one of the thefts earlier in the day,” said Cst. Spencer Lainchbury, spokesperson for the Golden-Field RCMP.

Those with information regarding this or any other incident are asked to contact the Golden-Field RCMP at 250-344-2221. Anonymous tips can also be provided through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Dangerous driving alert

Police are investigating another alleged incident of dangerous driving after a report was received that a male attempted to swerve into another vehicle multiple times while driving on Airport Road on April 4.

“Similar to last week’s report we do not believe that this is a random act,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police are still looking to speak with both drivers to determine what charges, if any, will be laid.

False report of impaired driver

On April 4, just before 4 p.m., the Golden-Field RCMP was advised that there was a male driving from Revelstoke to Golden on Highway 1 that was possibly impaired by drugs.

“The caller indicated that she believed the male had been smoking marijuana,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Officers with both the general duty and traffic section immediately conducted patrols and were able to locate the suspect vehicle.

“One of the officers, trained in the detection of drug impairment, conducted a field sobriety test and could not detect any signs of impairment, so the driver was allowed to continue with his trip.”

Many drivers fail to stop for school buses

Police would like to remind drivers of the requirement to stop for school buses anytime their lights and sign are activated.

“This seems to be an ongoing issue that is very disturbing,” said Cst. Lainchbury, noting that their office usually receives up to a dozen calls a year of such incidents. “For some reason people aren’t getting the message, when a school bus is stopped to let kids on or off, you cannot pass it.” Under the Motor Vehicle Act, drivers who fail to stop can be fined $167 and receive three demerit points.”

Bikes should be locked up

With the weather warming up, bicycles and other summer items are being used, and police are reminding residents to ensure that these items and other valuables are locked up, even when stored in your yard.

“We always see an increase in thefts this time of year,” said Cst. Lainchbury. “Bicycles are lying on lawns, yard tools are left unsecured in sheds, and these are easy targets for thieves.”

This week, one bicycle owner was surprised to find someone riding his stolen $1000 bicycle, and confronted the male who advised that he had just purchased the bike for $50. “We also need consumers to be aware, if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. The item is most likely stolen.”

Golden women facing theft charges

A 27 year-old female from Golden is facing theft charges after police were called to a local grocery store on April 5 for a shoplifting complaint.

“Staff alleged that the female was seen taking a number of items and putting them in her purse, without paying for them,” said Cst. Lainchbury. “We have had similar complaints with the same person in the past and the store elected to proceed with charges in this instance.”

The female is set to appear in court in Golden on May 10.

Fight at local truck stop

A 36 year-old male from Surrey is facing charges for assault causing bodily harm and dangerous driving after police were called to a fight at a local truck stop on April 6.

“The initial call indicated that two truck drivers had gotten into a fight and one had driven off,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police were able to locate both drivers and it was alleged that an altercation occurred resulting in the victim being punched in the face and the accused then driving away while the victim, a 50 year-old from Abbotsford, was on the truck. The victim was transported by BC Ambulance to the Golden & District Hospital where he was treated for injuries consistent with the alleged assault. The accused male is scheduled to appear in court in Golden on May 10.

Found backpack

Police are looking to locate the owner of a backpack found near Airport Road on April 7.

The backpack contained several items including a sweater, contact solution, and a cheque. Attempts have been made to locate the payee on the cheque, without success. Anyone who is missing a backpack is asked to contact the Golden-Field RCMP to have the item returned.

Boozing hoops game broken up

On April 7 just after 6 p.m., police were called to a local school for a report of people drinking alcohol at the school’s basketball court.

“We were able to locate the group who indicated that they had been drinking beer while playing basketball,” says Cst. Lainchbury. “The group, who was polite with police, was issued a warning and reminded that open alcohol, is not permitted in public especially on school properties.” Under the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Act, each person found with open alcohol in a public place can receive a fine of $230.

Lost bus passenger

Police were called to the local bus station on April 8 after a French speaking passenger was becoming increasingly upset and the driver was unable to determine what the issue was.

“We attended and were able to determine that the male had become confused regarding his destination and where he was,” said Cst. Lainchbury. “With the help of the station employee and bus driver, the male was able to get back on the bus and headed towards his final destination.”

False alarm at construction site

The Golden-Field RCMP was called on April 8 just before 6 p.m. to investigate a suspicious female walking near a construction site on 9th Avenue South.

“The caller was concerned that the female may be trying to steal items from the site,” said Cst. Lainchbury. Police conducted patrols of the area, however were unable to locate the female. Officers then spoke with the construction site manager who confirmed that nothing was missing or stolen.

Male kicked off bus

On April 10 just after 5 p.m., the Golden-Field RCMP advised that a male had been kicked off of the Greyhound bus for being intoxicated and was last seen stumbling behind a nearby hotel. Police responded and located the male laying in the grass behind the hotel.

“The male was believed to have mixed a number of prescription drugs with alcohol, which only increased level of intoxication,” said Cst. Lainchbury.

The male was held in police custody until sober at which time he continued on his journey to the lower mainland.

Vehicles impounded

Officers with the Golden RCMP Traffic Services unit impounded two separate vehicles for 7 days on April 8 after police alleged that the vehicles were travelling at excessive rates of speed.

“The first vehicle impounded was said to be travelling 147 km/h in a 90 km/h zone east of Golden, and the second was alleged to be travelling 146 km/h in the same speed zone.

Both drivers were also issued a $378 Violation Ticket for Excessive Speed.

Police also impounded a vehicle on April 9 after officers noticed that the driver had been flagged by as an impound candidate for driving without a licence. The driver was also served with a licence suspension.