RCMP Report: Serious collision in Nicholson

The vehicle left the road and overturned. The passenger was thrown from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries.


Police are investigating a collision that occurred on 12 Mile Forest Service Road in Nicholson.  A vehicle with two occupants had been traveling on the road when the driver failed to keep the vehicle on the travel portion.  The vehicle left the road and overturned.  The passenger was thrown from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries.

Neither occupant of the vehicle had the means to call for help.  The driver continued on foot for several kilometres before help was found.  Police, Fire Rescue and BC Ambulance responded.  The passenger was air lifted from the scene and is in stable condition.  The cause of the crash is still under investigation.


Police received a report that a vehicle had struck a baby deer and the driver brought the animal to the local veterinary clinic.  Police attended and located the animal outside the clinic and hoped the animal could saved.  The fawn was transferred to the Conversation Officer who monitored the animal for a time, however the animal could not be saved.


A customer at a local restaurant sought more than a meal from the establishment.  The subject was seen rummaging through an employee’s purse.  He was apprehended by the victim’s co-worker and held until police arrived.  The victim’s wallet and contents were recovered from the suspect.  Charges of theft under $5,000 are pending.


In the last week, Golden RCMP has received 103 calls for service, 51 of which were traffic related.  Golden officers responded to vehicles broken down on Hwy 1 and in the canyon, cyclists in the canyon affecting the flow of traffic, some minor vehicle collisions, and at least one driver found to be under the influence of alcohol. However the majority of the traffic related calls for service were in relation to aggressive drivers, primarily on Hwy 1.

Also in the past week, five people were arrested and lodged in cells, all of whom were under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.  These people in their mind-altered state, had been involved in physical altercations which led to the police being called.  Charges are pending in at least one incident.

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