RCMP Report: Rash of break-ins

There have been a number of break and enters in the Golden area over the past couple of weeks.

Break and Enters

There have been a number of break and enters in the Golden area over the past couple of weeks. On June 16, officers responded to an alarm at a local business on 9th Street North. While in the area police discovered six businesses nearby had been broken into. All locations have been processed by a forensic officer and the investigation into these break ins continues.

Further to these break ins, on June 23 a business on 7th Street North was targeted. Another business was hit on June 25 and two more on June 26. These business are located in the downtown core area.

Patrols in the area are being increased. Police are investigating all break ins thoroughly, and are asking anyone with information to the call the Golden RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Stolen Mountain Bike

An Orange Specialized Crave mountain bike was stolen from a residence on 6th Street South on June 24.

Deer hit in Yoho

A motorist from Alberta was travelling through the Yoho National Park when they struck a deer on the highway On June 24. Police responded to the call. The deer was deceased and the vehicle sustained significant damage and needed to be towed. No injuries were reported by the occupants of the vehicle.

Close Call with Paraglider

Police report a close call by a paraglider in Nicholson on June 26. The 56-year-old male from Alberta was coming in for a landing when he turned in the wrong direction and collided with the hydro lines. He escaped injury however his parachute remained hung up on the lines requiring hydro to assist with removal.

Speed Zones

With school being out this week, many motorist presume that the school zones are no longer in effect. In many communities, included Golden, the school zone is not just 30 kph during school hours.

“Golden has many 30 kph zones around the town which are regulatory signs, meaning they are in effect 24 hrs a day,”said Sgt. Betty Watson. “These areas include but are not limited to 9th Ave around Lady Grey, the Alternate School, the Golden Rec plex, pool, municipal campground and Selkirk hill.”

Motorist are reminded that a regulatory sign is black number/lettering on a white background and unless specified, is in effect 24 hrs. Summer brings out pedestrians and cyclists alike and many more children. Take your time getting around and slow down and let’s keep our community and kids safe.