RCMP Report: Intoxicating times in Golden

Police were called to a report of an intoxicated passenger on the Greyhound bus.

  • Jul. 24, 2013 6:00 p.m.

Stopping the bus


Police were called to a report of an intoxicated passenger on the Greyhound bus.

The passenger was removed by the driver and held by police until he or she was sober the following morning.

The person was provided with directions to the Greyhound pickup and drop off to continue on his or her journey.

Unfortunately, the individual never made it to the bus. Only a few hours later he or she were arrested for being intoxicated again.

Once sober, officers personally delivered the subject to the bus and ensured that the individual boarded.

Camping disturbance


Police were called to the Golden Campground to deal with some campers who had been a nuisance overnight. They had allegedly urinated on another nearby tent as well as attempted to enter the Golden Municipal Pool overnight. Police identified the campers and advised them they were no longer welcome at the campground. The tenants were co-operative and left the area without further incident.

Bad cut off


While on routine patrol an officer was cut off by a local driver. RCMP discovered the driver was unlicensed and as a result the individual was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act and had his or her vehicle impounded.

Search continues for stolen vehicle


The following vehicle has been reported stolen from the Golden area; a red 2001 Chrysler Sebring four door with a B.C. Licence plate 262XRA. Anyone with information about the missing vehicle is asked to call the RCMP at 250-344-2221.