RCMP Report: Intoxicated man finds way into stranger’s house

In the early hours of Nov. 1, an intoxicated man stumbled into a residence on the 500 block of 7th St. S

The RCMP responded to 47 files over the past week.

Trailer on fire

On Oct. 26, police and fire were called to a travel trailer that was on fire south of Golden. The fire was suppressed and the incident remains under investigation

Vandalism in Spirit Square

On Oct. 27, police received a report of some mischief in the women’s washroom in Spirit Square. The incident is believed to have occurred sometime over the weekend. Glass was smashed, toilet paper was strewn out and food and drink containers were emptied onto the floor.

Prestige break-in

Also on Oct. 27, a man wearing a grey toque and an orange and grey jacket was caught breaking into a room at the Prestige Inn. The occupant of the room scared the man off and there was no further incident.

Accident on Kicking Horse Trail

A Chevrolet Malibu was reported in the ditch on the cliff side of Kicking Horse Trail on Oct. 27. Police received the report after the fact, and the vehicle had been removed by the time they investigated.

The driver was said to have received minor injuries in the incident.

Domestic report at Shell

Police received a report of an argument between a couple from Alberta. The couple left the station before police arrived, but were discovered at the Kicking Horse Rest Area east of Golden.

The couple assured officers that they had engaged in a verbal argument only, but the male driver was deemed to be impaired. He was given a 90 day suspension.

Accident on Hwy 95

On Oct. 30, a vehicle heading south struck a rock that was lying in the middle of the road. The collision caused a canopy on the vehicle to fly off and obstruct oncoming traffic.

A vehicle in the opposite lane struck the canopy, which caused significant damage. No injuries were reported and no chargers were laid.

Halloween Fright

In the early hours of Nov. 1, an intoxicated man stumbled into a residence on the 500 block of 7th St. S. The man was unknown to the residents of the house, who told him to leave.

The man complied, but took some food from the house with him. Police were able to locate the man soon after and he was detained overnight.