RCMP Report: Domestic dispute escalates

A man was charged with uttering threats after allegedly chasing his girlfriend around their home with a shotgun.

Man charged with uttering threats, possession of a dangerous weapon

A domestic dispute took a rather ugly turn in the early hours of May 6 when a man is alleged to have chased his common law spouse around their King Crescent home with a shotgun. The fifty-something male was arrested and taken into custody that night, where he remained as of May 9. He has been charged with uttering threats and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public. He is due to appear in court on Tuesday.

The RCMP were initially unable to locate the weapon, but a neighbour found a shotgun in their yard the next day which is believed to belong to the accused.

Phone frauds continue

Phone frauds continue to be an area of concern, with more reported in Golden over the last week. The offenders pose as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials and typically tell their potential victims they owe money on their taxes. The callers then ask for very personal information such as SIN numbers and banking details.

The scam artists don’t target specific demographics, but it is usually the elderly that fall into their schemes. Anyone receiving these types of calls is asked to contact the RCMP.

Summer means outdoor parties, and noise

On May 2 the RCMP responded to a complaint of a noisy party on the 500 block of 8th St. S. The party goers were asked to turn down their music, which they did immediately. As the weather warms and backyard barbecues become the norm, the RCMP is asking everyone to make sure they are respectful towards their neighbours and not making too much noise.

Winter driving conditions persist at Rogers Pass

Police responded to three minor accidents around Rogers Pass over the past week. Many people have traded in their snow tires for summer treads but at higher elevations winter driving conditions and slippery sections still persist. Police are asking the public to remain mindful of that during their travels over the next few weeks.