RCMP Report: Condoms are cheaper than court costs

A subject was arrested for shoplifting a package of condoms. He politely explained that the condoms were too expensive.

Golden RCMP have identified a possible suspect in the rash of vehicle break-ins that occurred on Aug. 17. The investigation into the incidents is continuing.

On August 26, 2012, a local resident brought their 10-year-old child who was misbehaving in to the detachment. A request was made for the RCMP to scare him straight. It was explained that the police do not scare a 10-year-old child straight. A discussion was held in which the future consequences of his actions-the scare tactics were left to the parents. Police officers want young people to trust and respect them as they grow up, not to be scared and distrusting.

Police arrested a local resident for assault causing bodily harm. The subject also had an outstanding warrant from outside the community. During the arrest the subject spat on the police officer and is now also facing charges of assaulting a police officer.

On Aug. 13, 2012, police responded to a report of a 911 disconnect from a cellular phone. Calls returned to the number went unanswered. Officers worked to track down the phone and locate the caller. This is not always an easy task due to privacy issues. However after many man hours spent searching for this person, they were located in their home province at their place of work. The subject admitted to having misdialed when they were in Golden days earlier. They panicked and hung up the phone. There was no explanation as to why messages which had been left were unanswered. 911 misdialed calls continue to be an issue which are treated as a priority. Officers are diligent in their attempts to locate and confirm callers are safe. These types of calls are time consuming when callers refuse to respond to call backs by police. Again the public is reminded to lock the dial pad on their phones when not in use, and, should they accidently dial 911 do not hang up. Speak with the operator and explain it was a misdial.

Police responded to two reports from local bars. In one incident, a patron was refusing to leave and causing a disturbance with other patrons while attempting to start fights. Police responded; However, the subject had left just prior to the officers’ arrival. Patrols to locate were negative. In a second incident a male was found passed out in a washroom. It was found out that the person had sustained a slight head injury earlier in the day. The person was transported to the local hospital for observation.

A subject was arrested for shoplifting a package of condoms. He politely explained that the condoms were too expensive. The officers suggested the cost was much less than court and lawyer fees for charges of theft.

The RCMP would like to remind residents that school is back in session. Drivers should pay attention to school zones as the RCMP will be out in those areas. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and not park in front of crosswalks or at stop signs. They should use the drop-off areas provided at local schools. Drivers should also pay attention to school buses. Keep an eye on school bus signals and children getting on or off the bus. Speed zone fines in school zones range from $196-$253.  The fine for failing to stop for a school bus is $157.