RCMP Report: Car break-ins still an ongoing issue in Golden

On Oct. 20 a car was broken into and a purse was stolen from a vehicle in Nicholson.

Break-ins continue

On Oct. 20 a car was broken into and a purse was stolen from a vehicle in Nicholson. There were other thefts from cars on the same night. Two vehicles on 10th Street South were also broken into within a block of each other.

Another vehicle break-in happened on Oct. 22. A camera and hunting knife were stolen.

Residents are reminded not only to lock the doors of their vehicles but also make sure there are no valuables left inside.

Accidents in area

In a one week period there were eight vehicle collisions in the Golden area. Seven of the collisions occurred on the Trans Canada Highway with the last incident happening on 11th Avenue North.

At one specific point in one day there were three incidents on the highway at the same time with local people involved in two of the accidents.

There were no serious injuries in any of the incidents, but the RCMP are once again advising residents to make sure they have proper tires on their vehicles as winter approaches and road conditions change.

RCMP also remind people that if they are involved in an accident on the highway to be very careful when attempting to flag down help.

In one of the incidents a car had gone into a ditch and while trying to slow down traffic a semi-truck lost control and went sideways. This blocked the highway for a period of time.

Another incident happened on a bridge in the area.

People are reminded bridges tend to get icy quicker than other parts of the road and to take special care.

Impaired Drivers

There were multiple incidents of impaired drivers in the area. RCMP advise people who are going to be drinking not to get behind the wheel and to make alternate arrangements to get home.

Drunk in Public

While on patrol, a member of the RCMP witnessed a male stumbling down the side of a road and then into the street.

The male appeared to be attempting to flag down vehicles as they drove around him.

The officer on patrol was driving up to the male as he  was flagged down. The officer stopped and talked to him.

After a discussion the officer determined the male was intoxicated, and unable to look after himself. The male was charged with Causing a Disturbance by being drunk and given a safe warm place to rest for the evening.

If anyone knows anything about the thefts they are asked to contact the Golden/Field RCMP at 250-344-2221.